The Center:

The Center Avicenne of Nephrology and Hemodialysis is a private institution located in the heart of the city of Tangier. It is the first private structure in northern Morocco specializing in kidney disease for nearly 30 years.

Avicenne Center

Avicenne Center

The center has adapted care units: adult and pediatric hemodialysis center, peritoneal dialysis unit, day hospitalization service and nephrological emergencies. It includes also a nephrology consultation center, high blood pressure and kidney transplant follow-up.

The center is currently managed by three nephrologists with degrees from European universities:

Our Nephrologists

Our Nephrologists

Through a vigilant quality approach, personalized care, permanent presence, and state-of-the-art equipment, all the staff of the center provide you with comprehensive medical care in the best possible conditions.

Dialysis sessions:

The Center receives daily patients whose treatments are spread over three sessions starting at:

  • 6:00 am for morning sessions.
  • 11:00 am for afternoon sessions.
  • 16:00 for evening sessions.

You will be dialyzed, three times a week, but the frequency and the session time are fixed by the Nephrologist according to your needs. Given this frequency of treatment and the organization of the Dialysis Center, your sessions will be scheduled most often:

  • either Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or
  • Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

To enable the Center to function properly, we ask you:

  • To respect the time of arrival at the Center according to the schedules of the programmed sessions.
  • To respect the modalities of entry in the dialysis room while waiting in waiting room that one comes to take care of you.

During your session, a snack will be served in the morning and evening and a hot meal for the afternoon session.

A TV with foreign channels and high speed fiber optic wifi are also available.

Our Partners:

The Center has agreements with various Moroccan and foreign organizations and insurance companies such as: